STD Check Review | Review


Being sexually activity means you have a responsibility to yourself and to your partners to get checked regularly. Being healthy is a benefit to you and more incentive for others to get romantically involved with you. Paying for an stdcheck from is a smart way to make sure you are healthy and don’t need to visit a doctor for treatment.


In order to organize an std check through this website, you need to put in your zip code under the Find a Lab tab on the main page. This allows you to find labs affiliated with the site. All labs with this affiliation guarantee 100% confidential testing, same day results and a five minute test that provides answers to your concerns in at maximum two days. There are over 4,500 labs throughout the US that are available to complete std testing.



The website itself is clearly laid out and easy to navigate. It offers tabs across the top that easily allow you to find a lab, learn more about how the testing process works, the prices and packages available and specific information about an STD, including symptoms to watch for if you feel it’s possible you have one.


Once in the tab for prices and packages, you can determine the best fit for your budget and testing needs. An std test for chlamydia and gonorrhea is a popular choice for concerned clients that utilize this site. Another popular option is the 10-test panel, which tests for HIV 1 and 2, herpes 1 and 2, Hepatitis A, B and C, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. This test is priced at $198, but it lets you have peace of mind regarding any of the common STDs that can be caught through unprotected sex or other activities that share blood or bodily fluids.

A unique test offered through labs associated with is the HIV RNA Early Detection Test, which is run by screening the RNA material in your bloodstream. This test takes 9 to 11 days for the results to come back, but it can be an effective way to detect HIV earlier than conventional testing. For those with a serious concern about HIV, this test can be worth adding to the 10-test panel, at a cost of $349 for the combination.