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In an incidence of going for an STD test, there are three important things that you really want. The first one is a very quick result, the second one is a pricing that is affordable and lastly privacy. Usually, you never want you result to be seen by anyone one else unless you want to do so since you have tested positive. STD express can do you better when it comes to such a scenario. It has a number of benefits which include:



Four thousand different centers where you have an option of choosing


Confidentiality that is 100%


Five minutes testing


Provision of results is between one to two days


Testing done within the same day


Process start right from online.


STD express is an efficient and fast way doing your things in the correct manner. In the following discussion we are going to look at some three important steps to get tested and importantly know your STD status.


STD Test Express


If you do not know your STD status, it is the right time you get to ensure that you quickly get tested and know the current status. This is not only important for your sake but also for the sake of your sexual partner. Additionally, if you have more than one sexual partner it’s always important that you get tested after every six months so that you can if you are free of STD. The faster you are aware of your status, the faster the treatment. Normally, tests that are carried out by STD Express are approved by FDA and can be used by doctors and hospitals around the world. The three steps that are involved in STD express are as follows:





It starts by first defining and choosing the exact test that you want to take. After doing this, you can then do ordering online or via your telephone. The ordering bit essentially involves ordering a test but ideally you will have to go to the testing center so that the test can be can be done. This is actually a very important way since it privately schedules you test.




The second step generally involved visiting one of the Four thousand existing centers worldwide. The test actually doesn’t take much time but only some few minutes and you are done. Importantly, to be specific, within five minutes you will be done with your test.






The step actually entails provision of your email address. Therefore, you will be required to choose an email that will help you secure and privatize your STD status. Your test results will then be sent to your email in a span of one to two days. The privacy of your status doesn’t get past that point.


Usually, there are a number of sexually transmitted diseases that you can contract and therefore you need to take enough caution when doing your tests. When doing this, you importantly need to take three important types of tests.


Single test


10 panel test


Chlamydia and gonorrhea


If it’s your first time to undergo a test, it is highly recommended that you take the 10 panel test. This is a very important test since it involves all the types of diseases that are offered by the organization. The diseases include: Syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV test ½, Hepatitis A/B/C and chlamydia.


Concerns about privacy


When talking about testing, this is the only center that can test people of 16-17 of age without necessarily needing personal details of their parents. Importantly, STD express is the only organization that accepts health insurance. However, this is an optional thing since it would indicate that you were going to be given an STD test which will be part of your medical results of record. After giving an order, it is usually given with the highest level of privacy.


Recommendations of the doctor


One important and very crucial thing about STD express is that you normally get access to doctors after the results gets positive. This doctors are then required to provide you with the require prescription that will aid you in combating your STD status. On the other hand if you have a life-time STD such as HIV you will have to plan with you your doctor so that you can know how to visit him routinely in ensuring that your health status is taken good care of. If you are looking for utmost privacy when you want to test your STD status, STD Express is the place to visit.